SYNOPSIS -help [ -url mysql://user:pass@server:port/dbname | -reg_conf <reg_conf_filename> -reg_alias <reg_alias> ] -output <output_image_filename


This program generates a visualisation of a subset of interrelated Jobs, Semaphores and Accumulators from a given pipeline database.

Jobs are represented by 3D-rectangles which contain parameters and are colour-coded (reflecting the Job’s status). Semaphores are represented by triangles (red upward-pointing = closed, green downward-pointing = open) which contain the counter. Accumulators are represented by rectangles with key-paths and may contain data (configurable).

Blue solid arrows show Jobs’ parent-child relationships (parents point at their children). Dashed red lines show Jobs blocking downstream Semaphores. Dashed green lines show Jobs no longer blocking downstream Semaphores (when the Jobs have finished successfully). Dashed red/green lines (with colour matching Semaphore’s) also link the Semaphores to their Accumulators and further to the controlled Job.


--url <url> URL defining where eHive database is located
--reg_conf <path>
 path to a Registry configuration file
--reg_alias <name>
 species/alias name for the eHive DBAdaptor
--nosqlvc “No SQL Version Check” - set if you want to force working with a database created by a potentially schema-incompatible API
--job_id <int> Start with this job(s) and reach as far as possible using parent-child relationships.
--start_analysis_name <logic_name>
 Trace up to this Analysis and start displaying from this Analysis.
--stop_analysis_name <logic_name>
 Make this Analysis to be the last one to be displayed. As the result, the graph may not contain the initial job_id(s).
--include If set, in multi-pipeline contexts include other pipeline rectangles inside the “main” one. Off by default.
 If set, do not show the link to the parent of a funnel Job (potentially less clutter). Off by default.
--accu_keys If set, show accu keys in Semaphore nodes. Off by default.
--accu_values If set, show accu keys & values in Semaphore nodes. Off by default.
 If set, show an extra link between an item in the accu and the local Job that generated it. Off by default.
--output <path>
 Location of the file to write to. The file extension (.png , .jpeg , .dot , .gif , .ps) will define the output format.
--help Print this help message