SYNOPSIS <config_module_or_filename> [<options_for_this_particular_pipeline>]

DESCRIPTION is a generic script that is used to initialise eHive pipelines (i..e create and setup the database) from PipeConfig configuration modules.


    # get this help message:

    # initialise a generic eHive pipeline: Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::PipeConfig::HiveGeneric_conf -password <yourpassword>

    # initialise the long multiplicaton pipeline by supplying not only mandatory but also optional data:
    #   (assuming your current directory is ensembl-hive/modules/Bio/EnsEMBL/Hive/PipeConfig) : LongMult_conf -password <yourpassword> -first_mult 375857335 -second_mult 1111333355556666


--hive_force_init <0|1>
 If set to 1, forces the (re)creation of the eHive database even if a previous version of it is present in the server.
--hive_no_init <0|1>
 If set to 1, does not run the pipeline_create_commands section of the pipeline. Useful to “top-up” an existing database.
--hive_debug_init <0|1>
 If set to 1, will show the objects (analyses, data-flow rules, etc) that are parsed from the PipeConfig file.
--tweak <string>
 Apply tweaks to the pipeline. See for details of tweaking syntax
--DELETE Delete pipeline parameter (shortcut for tweak DELETE)
--SHOW Show pipeline parameter (shortcut for tweak SHOW)
-h, --help Show this help message