Checklist to release a new eHive version

  1. Update the Changelog manually using a text editor
  2. Review
  3. Check all of the above into “master” branch

In ensembl-hive and all meadows (but not guiHive):

  1. git checkout -b version/x.y
  2. On the “version/x.y” branch in file substitute the occurences of “master” in the URLs by “version/x.y” and commit it. Do the same in docker/Dockerfile and docs/
  3. git checkout master
  4. On the “master” branch increment the version of Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::Version to x.(y+1)
  5. Merge the “version/x.y” branch ignoring the changes made in 7). Add the -s ours option to git merge
  6. Update default branch on GitHub to point to version/x.y at
  7. On Travis add a daily build of the new branch
  8. On the Docker hub add an automatic build of the new branch
  9. On ReadTheDocs add the new version and set it as default
  10. On Coveralls click on “sync” to synchronize the list of branches (and the default one) with Github.
  11. On Codecov set the new default branch.

Other repos

Do the same for all the other repos (meadow plugins):