Presentations & Workshop materials

We occasionally run workshops to teach how to use eHive, at the EMBL-EBI and in other institutes too. If you are interested in hosting one, please contact the Ensembl Helpdesk.

March 2017, Roslin Institute

In 2017 we ran two workshops consecutively: at the NCHC, Hsinchu, Taiwan, and at the Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Here are the materials we used at the latter (based on feedback from the first course). The workshop was composed of four parts:

  1. Introduction to eHive

    This part gives an overview of eHive, and explains the basic concepts of workflow management.

  2. Initialising and running eHive pipelines

    This part shows how to run already-existing pipelines.

  3. Pipeline configuration

    This part is about writing new pipelines using available components.

  4. Writing your own Runnable modules

    This part is about writing new components (Runnables) to add to pipelines.